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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Viva in Macau, Madayaw in Davao!

Executives of the new airline are now working on the regulatory requirements. Davao del Norte Rep. Antonio Floirendo is among those helping the airline. He earlier hosted lunch at Pearl Farm for the visiting Viva Macau group who were here two weeks ago.

I believe this is Davao's biggest jackpot because this will be the first foreign airline to fly to Davao since we opened the new airport three years ago. If it is successful, I know others will follow.

Macau is a fast-growing tourist destination almost rivaling Hong Kong in the Pearl River Delta of south China. It has transformed itself not just a gaming center in Asia, but a destination with a variety of attractions - cultural, culinary, entertainment, shopping, among others. It has even become a new wedding site for Filipinos.

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