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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Locale News

ABS-CBN's Ces Orena-Drilon was able to get in touch with Plinky Recto's ex-boyfriend, and he claims that contrary to what Plinky has been saying on TV, it is Plinky who physically abused him. He did not want to be interviewed or identified, which is his right.
He did allow Ces to interview three of their household help, who claim that they witnessed Plinky hitting and kicking the ex-boyfriend on several occassions. The household help say they attended the preliminary investigation at the Department of Justice to counter Plinky's allegations.
Plinky Recto however claims that this is just part of her ex'es "tactics." She believes he probably threatened them, then paid them off after they agreed to testify against her. Plinky presented certain documents she believes will prove that the said household help are not credible witnesses.
Despite her accusations on national TV, Plinky is careful not to identify her former partner because of a provision in the law that says a contempt case may be filed against anyone who reveals the name of the other party in the case.
Watch out for the full story on THE INSIDER, tonight at 11:30pm, on ABS-CBN Channel 2.

The controversial allegations of Plinky Recto against a former boyfriend has spawned a new blog.
The Plinky Recto Civil Case blog was put up at 8:30 last night by a blogger that identified him/herself only as xdrive.
The blogger published a disclaimer that it is not Plinky Recto's site, but that it would serve as a site for "those who want to follow her case against her ex-partner."
We'll be monitoring developments on that site.

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