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Monday, November 21, 2005

Our Spanish Heritage

Catholicism Was Spain's Greatest
The Roman Catholic religion was the greatest legacy of Spain in the Philippines.
If were not colonized by Spain, we would have been a Muslim couintry. For that reason Philippines became the only Christian country in Asia.
Spanish missionaries who came to Philippines, especially in the 16th & 17th centuries, were really zealous soldiers of Christ.
By the end of 16th century, there were more than 500,000 Catholics in the Philippines. By 17th century, this number doubled to over a million Catholics. And by the end of Spanish rule in 1898, most of the Filipinos had become Catholics.
Catholic priests during the Spanish era helped improve our lives. Like stopping the awful pagan practices of divorce, killing unwanted babies (abortion), offering human & animal sacrifices & tribal wars. The practice of polygamy (having many wives) was banned, & marriage between a man & a woman became a holy union.
Although catholic priests are not allowed to marry, many of them in the provinces & towns had secret marriages with beautiful woman, & they had illegitimate children.Sometimes, Spanich Catholic priests(friars) also abused the local inhabitants of the small towns.
The abuses of the Spanish friars & Catholic Church in the Philippines became one of the reasons for the Philippine Revolution that the Filipinos started in 1896.

Hospitals & Orphanages:
In 1578 the first hospital was founded in Manila. Hospital de San Juan de Dios & San Lazaro Hospital. the oldest existing Hospital In Asia.

Real Hospicio de San Jose was the first regular orphanage founded in Manila during 1810.

Diet & Dress:
Spain introduced new food plants like corn, potatoes, coffee, cacao, cabbage, sigadillas, chicos, guavas, & wheat. Filipinos learned to eat bread & drink coffee & chocolate.
Other new foods introduced by Spain were beef(from cattle), mutton(from lamb), sausages(longganizas), ham(hamon) & sardines. Other parts of Europe came imported canned goods like chorizos de Bilbao, olive oil & pickles. We learned to eat with spoons, forks, table knives, napkins & crystal drinking glasses. New drinks came from Spain(sangria), Portugal (port), Germany(beer) & France(cognac).

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