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Monday, November 07, 2005

CHAPTER 6 (The Coming of Spain)

In the 16th century, the Philippines was invaded by the Spaniards. They made our country into a colony of Spain. A colony is a country thta is ruled by foreigners from another land. The coming of Spain changed the history for we became Catholic in religion. We also got a new & more advanced culture from europe & Mexico. It took 300 years before we could have our freedom back again.

Why the Spaniards Came:

1. GOD. The first aim of Spain is to spread Roman Catholic religion. That time the Spanish king spent vast sums of money to convert more people to Catholicism.

2. GOLD. The Spain wanted to get rich. It wanted to control the spice trade in Asia because spices were very in demand in Europe. But fail in this aim.

3. GLORY. The third aim was to get political glory. Philip II was, the first king to boast that the sun never set on his kingdom.


Magellan really planned & wanted to find the Philippines because he heard that it was a very rich land. So as a Portuguese explorer, asked the king of Portugal, king Manuel, to finance a project to sail the Philippines. But the king just laughed & refused at him.Magellan traveled to the next country, Spain & talked to King Ferdinand & Queen Isabel of Spain to support his expedition. Fortunately they agreed with Magellan, ordering an expedition with fleet consisted of five ships & 256 men.On September 20,1517, the expedition of Magellan left Spain for the East. On that expedition they crossed the secret passage only Magellan knew, this is now calle the Strait of Magellan & also crossed the Pacific Ocean reaching Philippines.

Discovery of the Philippines.

Westerners trumpeted Magellan's landing in the Philippines as it's "discovery" by Spain. WEhich is actually not true because our country was known to Asians long before the white Europeans came.The Big Powers - Spain, Portugal, England, France & the Netherlands - competed with each other to be the first to "discover" which wasn't known to the others.This political race to grab new lands around the world was called "colonialism". Sometimes, colonialism is also called "imperialism".

Rivalry Between Portugal & Spain.

In the 1493, Pope Alexander VI issues four papal bulls (decrees). One of the papal bulls divided the world between Spain & Portugal. In 1494, Spain & Portugal made an agreement (Treaty of Tordesillas) shifting the demarcation line (division) made by the pope.Portugal really owned the Philippines & came here ahead of Spain. But portuguese did not make us colony. This story is one of the mysteries of our history.In 1512, a Portuguese explorer named Francisco Serrano was stranded on the coast of Mindanao.In 1516, another Potuguese named Duarte Barbosa wrote about Sulu in his book of voyages.

First Mass at Butuan.

Magellan & his men saw the heights of Samar on March 16,1521. This date is celebrated a the European "discovery" of the International dateline.After seeing Samar, they landed at the island of Homonhon in Leyte Gulf on March 17.From Homonhon they were driven by a storm to Masao, Butuan in Agusan del Norte, reaching it on March 28.At Butuan, two kings-Raha Kolambu & Raha Siagu - met MagellanTo seal their new friendship, Kolambu & Magellan made the traditional blood compact, known as "sandugo".The first mass was held on the shore of Masao, Butuan on Easter morning, March 31, 1521.It was said that Father Pedro de Valderama, the spanish chaplain. At sunset of that same day, Magellan planted a huge wooden cross on the top of the hill overlooking the sea.

Magellan Claims the Philippines.

When Magellan planted the cross he claimed our country for the king of Spain. He called it the "Archipelago of San Lazaro."

The Spaniards Go to Cebu.

Spaniards voyage to Cebu. King Kolambu guided them there. . They arrived at Cebu on Sunday, April 7, 1521.Raha Himabon & Magellan made a blood compact. On April 14, 1521, a mass was held on the shore. More than 800 Cebuanos including Humabon, his wife & son agreed to be baptized. They became the first filipinos to be baptized. The queen was baptized as Queen Juana. She was given a santo Nino, which became the patron saint of Cebu until today.

Lapulapu Defeats Magellan.

At dawn of April 27, 1521, Magellan invaded Mactan.With only 60 men, Magellan attacked lapulapu's kingdom.Magellan & his men were defeated at the battle & Magellan's head was cut by Lapulapu.

Lapulapu, the First Filipino Hero.

It was said to be the first battle of the Filipinos with white men & was indeed the first victory.In his honor, Lapulapu City in Mactan was named after him.

The Spaniards Go Home.

On May 1, 1521 the Spaniards were invited to a feast day by King Humabon. While they were having their food they've been attacked by the Cebuanos. Many Europeans were killed, including Duarte Barbosa & Juan Serrano, the new commanders.After the massacre the survivors went for an expedition quickly to the south. But only the ship Victoria reached San Lucar, Spain on September 6, 1522 with only 18 survivors.

Results of Magellan's Voyage.

1. It was the first voyage around the world by sea. It proved that the earth was not flat.

2. It added to the knowledge of geography. The europeans learned that the Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean.

3. It made Spain interested in colonizing the Philippines.

The Legazpi Expedition.

In 1564, the new Spanish king named Philip II ordered a new expedition to Philippines.
The new expedition was fitted to Mexico. The commaner of this expedition whom was noble & wise was Migule Lopez de Legazpi, with four ships & 380 men. It sailed from Navidad,Mexico on November 21, 1564.
They reached Philippines on February 3,1565. They were well received in Limasawa, Leyte & Bohol. Legazpi made a blood compact with King Katuna(Sikatuna) & King Gala (Sigala).

Cebu Becomes the First Spanish City.

Legazpi arrived at Cebu on April 27, 1565. To win again the Filipinos, Legazpi adopted a friendly & peaceful policy.
In 1565 Cebu became the first Spanish settlement in the country. He named the town "City of the Most Holy Name of Jesus".

The Battle for Manila.

Manila was once a rich Muslim Kingdom. It took two battles -in 1570 & 1571 to capture Manila.

The Filipinos lostbecause of three reasons:
  • Lakan Dula & Solayman did not help the other Filipinos;
  • The Spaniards had superior weapons & discipline; &
  • About 600 Cebauno archers helped the Spaniards in the battle.

Manila Becomes the Capital.

On June 24,1571 Legazpi proclaime dManila as the new capital of the colony.King Philip II gave it a new coat-of-arms & a new name: "Distinguished & Ever Loyal City" (Insigne y Siempre Leal Ciudad.

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